Multirex Pregelatinised Pulses Flours
Multirex Pregelatinised Pulses Flours

Multirex Pregelatinised Pulses Flours can be used as a good water retention agent, thickener and nutritional supplement (protein source) in animal feed and pet food productions, as well as instant soups, baby foods, snacks, thanks to their high water binding and retention capacities. Multirex Pregelatinised Pulses Flours provide cost advantages and improvements in end product quality as they can be substituted for various starches, fibers and other binders at certain rates.

General Features:

  • Naturally produced of pulses.
  • Do not have E code. 100% natural products .
  • Non-GMO.
  • Soluable in cold water.
  • Powder with increased fluidity.
  • 12 months of shelf life.
  • Thanks to the heat treatment, they have lower microbiological limits. 
  • Thanks to the applied heat treatment, the enzymes are inactive and do not interact with other raw materials during the shelf life.
  • Easy to digest


  • They improve the product efficiency and extend the shelf life by their high water binding properties.
  • They can provide cost advantages by substituting various starches and binders used in production at certain rates.
  • By increasing the flexibility of product, they provide better protection of its shape.
  • They can be used as protein source.
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