Multirex Pregelatinised Rice Flour
Multirex Pregelatinised Rice Flour

Multirex Pregelatinised Rice Flour can be used as a good water retention agent and thickener, especially in the production of moist cakes, baby food, ready-made desserts and various bakery products due to its high water binding and retention capacity. Multirex Pregelatinised Rice Flour provides cost advantages and improvements in end product quality.

General Features:

  • Naturally produced of rice flour.
  • Does not have E code. 100% natural product.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Soluable in cold water.
  • Powder with increased fluidity.
  • Thanks to the heat treatment it has lower microbiological limits. 
  • Thanks to the applied heat treatment, the enzyme is inactive and does not interact with other raw materials during shelf life.
  • Easy to digest


  • It provides a better preserved softness throughout the shelf life of packaged cakes and various product with a long shelf life.
  • It provides better internal structure and softness in industrial cakes and varieties.
  • It provides thin and flexible crust structure.
  • It reduces drying and shedding by increasing softness and crust structure.
  • By increasing the flexibility of the product, it provides better protection of its shape.
  • It reduces crumbling by increasing the slicing quality in baton cakes.
  • With its high water binding capacity, it ensures that more products are obtained and product efficiency is increased.
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