Multirex Pregelatinised Starch
Multirex Pregelatinised Starch

Multirex Pregelatinised Starch can be used as a good water binding agent due to its high water binding and retention properties, and as an auxiliary agent due to its cold water solubility properties in the production of food product such as bakery products, snacks and non-food products such as textiles, paper, cardboard, glue, etc. Multirex Pregelatinised Starches provide cost advantages and improvements in end product quality. 

General Features:

  • Naturally produced of starches.
  • Do not have E code. 100% natural products.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Soluable in cold water.
  • 12 months of shelf life
  • Powder with increased fluidity
  • Easy to digest


    • Thanks to their high water binding properties, they ensure that more products are obtained and product efficiency is increased.
    • Extended shelf life. They provide stable product quality throughout the shelf life.
    • Due to cold water soluability, they reduce process costs.
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