Multirex Pregelatinised Wheat Flour
Multirex Prejelatinize Buğday Unu

Multirex Pregelatinised Wheat Flour can be used as a good water retention agent in the production of bakery products such as bread, cake, wafer, cornet and non-food production due to its high water binding and retention properties. Multirex Pregelatinised Wheat Flour provides cost advantages in the products it is used in and improvements in end product quality.

General Features:

  • Naturally produced of wheat flour
  • Does not have E code. 100% natural
  • non-GMO
  • Soluable in cold water
  • In powder form with increased fluidity
  • Halal and Kosher certified
  • Thanks to heat treatment, it has lower microbiological limits 

  • Thanks to heat treatment, the enzyme is inactive and does not interact with other raw materials in shelf life


  • Thanks to its high water binding capacity, it ensures that more products are obtained and product efficiency is increased.
  • It preserves the softness throughout the shelf life of packaged breads and varieties with a long shelf life.
  • It provides more regular internal structure and softness in bread production.
  • It improves slicing quality and reduces slicing losses by providing thin and flexible crust structure.
  • It provides brighter color on the crust.
  • By increasing the flexibility of the product, it provides better protection of its shape.
  • Easy to digest.
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