Tekfood has been producing extruded products for long years and finally started to produce value added baby food with its rich ingredients and easy to digest properties.

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Tekfood Baby Cereal is a product preferred for young children aged 6-59 months. The product is to be used as a complement to breastfeeding for children 6-23 months, as continued breastfeeding is recommended up to the age of two years. The product is not a breast-milk replacer.


The product is prepared from heat treated corn and de-hulled soya beans, sugar, skimmed milk powder, refined soybean oil, vitamins and minerals. The product is consumed as a porridge or gruel, it should be prepared by mixing an appropriate proportion of flour and water (i.e. 50g of the product with 250 g of water) followed by a boiling time at simmering point from five to ten minutes. The product shall not be consumed in dry powder form, without preparation and cooking.




  • With great taste and rich ingredients, Tekfood Baby Cereal is an ideal introduction to solid foods. Tekfood Baby Cereal is a good source of fibers. Besides, it contains essential vitamins and minerals providing all needs of the growing baby.
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